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 This post is beyond awesome

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PostajNaslov: This post is beyond awesome   3/8/2011, 5:10 pm

Hello. Make sure you guys are using the one click mode. Anything else and the settings can get wonked if you are not used to the program and what it does and can do.If you are using one click, did you change any prefs settings?Regarding the Nero burn error, could you post the burn log? It should be in the programs files for Nero. Did you try another disk. Sometimes cheep disks can be a problem. I use verbatim and don't have any coasters anymore.Glad you got movie only, I will try this movie later today, I am in town for a few days and my kids want this anyhow.Oh yes and if you can tell us what the ripit errors were that would help too. Usually ripit has a log as well "Whatever the next best thing is, it better not suck." Ripper ROCKED this sig for me!
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This post is beyond awesome
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